Why choose a midwife?

Imagine your appointments in a cozy extension of your home, a place that does not smell or feel medical but still feels professional.

Imagine being welcomed by your midwife- a compassionate, caring women, who is specifically trained in normal pregnancy, birth and postpartum and absolutely loves her job.

Imagine spending 9 months building a close, open relationship with this care-provider, exploring your options and making personal decisions about your care and your needs.

Imagine feeling safe, heard and really respected as a person, where it’s ok to cry and be vulnerable, laugh and have fun, and connect on a intimate level.

When you go into labour, imagine not having to wonder who will be with you through the whole experience- you know it will be YOUR midwife, the women who knows you!

When you are exhausted, and raw from birth, recovering at home- imagine staying in your pajamas, in bed with your baby, and having your midwife come to your home to make sure you both are alright.

And then imagine, 6 weeks after having your baby, saying goodbye to this midwife- knowing you have made an ever lasting impression on her and she will remember your story.

With us at Grow Midwifery, this is what we hope your care feels like.

We specifically choose to be part of a growing health and beauty collective so that you, our client, can become part of many things and choose a variety of services, from a place that is comfortable to spend time in. At the Refinery House, we think of ourselves as housemates, and we have a special sense of belonging to this place, and the people within it. Although our main goal at Grow Midwifery is to provide safe maternity care throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum we want you to experience so much more with us.

If this style of care speaks to you, then consider Grow Midwifery for your next pregnancy.

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