Refinery Fest

For the Refinery House’s first birthday, we wanted to do something big. Something that brought our community together for GOOD. Enter Refinery Fest! How do we even explain this all day fitness/market/festival? First, let’s start by saying this: we have one goal. That’s to raise enough money to build a school in a small village in Nepal that was devastated by the 2015 earthquake. Himalayan Life is a charity we work with that’s doing incredible work to protect and educate children in Nepal and India, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first anniversary of the Refinery House than by helping them help kids. All proceeds (every red penny, if they still made them) will go to help build this school!

So, Chilliwack. Will you join us?

Let the morning begin with a FITNESS FEST! As you register, we’ll make sure you get the specific details you need for each event. We’ve indicated suggested donations, and with a $50+ donation, you’ll receive a food ticket and a beverage (beer or lemonade anyone?) and priority entrance into our after party.

Also: Consider entering as a team! We’ll have prizes for the biggest team as well as the team that raises the most funds. Tap a team captain on the shoulder to register a team name and then search it when you join! It’s easy. Teams of any size will be eligible to win our biggest fundraising, best team outfits, and biggest team challenge! Let us know if you’re coming “together” and we’ll get you more info!

Registered Activities:

  • Mt Waddington’s Guided Adventure through Mt. Frosty’s larch meadows
  • 3 outdoor spin classes Guided by Spinroom (45 min/any level)
  • 50km Road Ride (1 hill route *optional*)
  • Family Fun Ride (5-15km Vedder trail)
  • Vedder Trail Run (5-15km moderate & Beginner)

Schedule of events:

  • 930am registration booth opens @ Refinery House Parking lot
  • 930am: Outdoor spin class
  • 10:30am: 50km Road Ride, Family Ride and Trail runs (5-15km) and Mt Waddingtons Adventure departs from Refinery House Parking Lot
  • 11am: Outdoor spin class
  • 12pm: Studio B cool down
  • 1130-4pm: Refinery House Market begins! (Otherwise known as a Parking lot party)
  • 7-11pm: AFTER PARTY

What to expect: A friendly face at registration, a map of the routes, group departure, a sweep or check out system, a party atmosphere at the end, guided classes as indicated otherwise these will be unsupported rides/runs.

What not to expect: Pitt Stops or water stations along the way (bring your own bottles), chip timers or highly developed route markers (we’ll do our best, but keep the map we’ll provide!). All you road racers and marathoners out there — this is your chance to bring a friend and introduce a new face to our favorite sports!

Market Market – fitness fest attendees + public welcome!

We’ve scheduled our morning of fitness fun to conclude between 11:30 and 12:30 back at the Refinery House Market place (otherwise known as our parking lot). The beer garden, a variety of food choices, some of our favorite vendors and bands will be welcoming you back from your outings. Everyone is welcome! We’ll be presenting prizes and donation announcements between 1-1:30pm. And don’t you worry about your sweaty hair — the Refinery House Staff will be onsite providing FREE hair refresh sessions (we❤️ dry shampoo). We expect our “market” to shut down between 3 and 4pm……….


Let’s PARTY! fitness fest attendees + public welcome!

I mean, we’ve gone to this much work — why would we stop now? We’ve basically just STARTED! At 7pm, we’re opening our doors (again) for a re-do of our Grand Opening. But this year there will be MORE ROOM, and LIVE BANDS, as well as DRINKS and a DJ. We’re not quite sure what to do about tickets for this part. We don’t want to charge you. We also don’t want you to end up waiting in lines.

So. Here’s what we’re thinking….JUST COME. But here’s the catch: our day time participants who have donated $50+ will receive VIP entry. Hate exercising? Busy day? You, too, can have VIP entrance with a $50+ donation by selecting “after party” in our ticket section (no bike riding necessary. Taco/Beer/VIP pass included). We’ll have ways for you to “change your status to VIP” at the door by having a very intimidating bouncer giving people who give money to charity first dibs at entry. It’s an entirely loose plan and we’ll see how it goes. We like it when things get a little wild but not too wild (thank you for giving us some rope CITY OF CHILLIWACK)

Other information:

  • Teams! Joining as a group? Let us know who you are! Have one person register a team name, then members will be able to find that name when registering. Team members can join ANY of the activities (not everyone needs to do the same thing). Each captain will receive a link to a fundraising page so that teams can raise additional funds as desired. Some teams are throwing their own fundraising events to gather donations and we like it!!! There will be prizes for both the biggest team, as well as for most funds raised. (We’re dependent on our teams to reach our fundraising goal, every $ helps!)
  • Here is more about the organization we’re working with
  • Just want to donate straight to the cause? Do it, right here. Every dollar helps towards building that school — we’ll keep you posted along the way as to how close we are toward reaching our goal.
  • What’s the deal with the suggested donations? Here’s the deal. We’ve never done this before so we’re trying numbers on while planning a killer event. We need help to build this school, but we don’t want anyone to miss out. In other words, give what you can then come and have a good time.