Compassion Trip to Nepal

We were here.

We took time off work.

We left our homes and kids and husbands and routine.

We held a fundraiser to not go empty handed.

We witnessed heartbreak and hope.

We saw the school that will catch kids who have never been taught.

We met parents who have new hope for the future.

We hugged children who have no homes.

We sat with them while they sang us songs.

We danced with them.

We cried with the staff.

We battled leeches.

We let our bodies feel pain and exhaustion.

We saw great strength and great despair.

We can’t fix everything.

We won’t do nothing.

We will work together to change our local community and larger world.

We will not forget what we’ve seen.

In Oct 2017, a team of seven Chilliwack residents, including Refinery House owners Aly McRae and Heidi Epp, put their lives on hold to witness Nepal and what an organization called Himalayan Life was doing with their resources. We travelled to 4 cities or villages in which the organization works and met the staff and kids who protect, educate, nourish the most vulnerable children in the Himalayas. Highlights included but aren’t limited to: Drinking yak butter tea in the home of a Sherpa village mayor, incredible views, meeting the teachers who are training to facilitate the new (very) rural education centre, being given a private street tour by BOTH children who still live on the street and young men who have been rescued, reformed, and re-integrated. We’ll be working hard to tell more people: There is HOPE, and when we all work together — life changing, incredible things, can be accomplished.

For more information, or to donate: Himalayan Life.