Covid 19 – Update

you scream, we scream we all scream…Covid 19

Wow. What a couple-a-months. That hurt.

Here we are, nearing the end of what we understand to be just the beginning. We’re aware that our business may be changed forever. Of course, we’re optimists so we’re pretty excited about carrying on doing business. Here are some things that will be different upon our (cautious) re-opening:

#1. We’ve given our stylists choice. Return is optional, future employment will not be impacted by a delayed start. If you don’t see your favourite stylist on our online booking system, it may be that we haven’t exactly sorted out where or when they’ll be booking. We’ll start accepting direct messages and email appointment requests soon. After that our phones will re-open.

#2. Bring your own book. All reading material will be removed from the store

#3. Stations will be set to ensure appropriate physical distancing measures. This means, we’re currently doing one of the things we do best: renovating

#4. Each stylist and f/t administrator is required to have completed the level 1 beauty safe course prior to opening

#5. All employees and clients will be required to wear masks.  If clients arrive without a masks we’ll have masks available

#6. Plexiglass will be installed around reception

#7. Disinfectant spray will be provided at each station and used between each client. A whole store sanitization process will be developed and implemented at opening, closing and at regular intervals throughout the day

#8. Capes will be used only once and then washed

#9. Sinks and sink chair will be disinfected after each use. Safety glasses will be available for use at each sink for client and staff

#10. Clients will be asked to wait in their car and texted by their stylists when the stylist is ready for them to come in to avoid extra people in the waiting area

#11. Signage will be posted outside the stores indicating instructions

#12. Curbside pick up will continue to be available & encouraged for shopping our products

#13. When colour is processing, each chair will have a designated “processing” spot to eliminate the potential of wandering humans

#14. No drinks will not be offered to clients at this time, and infact ALL dishes have been removed from the store.

#15. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the front of store. 

#16. We hope it goes without saying, but in case it doesn’t: please don’t come in if you have one small symptom of illness. We’ve asked the same of our stylists. Let’s all work together to keep each other safe.