Embrace your Largeness (pt 2)

The following is the second part of Lead Therapists Danielle Braun -Kauffmann (RCC)

There was so much response to yesterday’s post (thank you!!!) that it inspired me to share more about how I’ve gotten here, and how the embodiment work I have done and continue to do. It has definitely been an essential part of my growth.

In response to my last post someone asked me if I ever had a season of liking or being comfortable in what was my smaller body. As I reflected on this I realized that it wasn’t that I so much hated my body, as it was that I hated myself, all of me, and in that my body was sort of irrelevant. I was disconnected from it. Disembodied, if you will. So my work at the beginning was first learning that, “I had a body”. Trauma Informed yoga was huge for me in this. This is the first component of it “having a body”. Just noticing that you have a body.

Slowly, gently noticing that I HAVE a body and that my body is mine. I can listen to it, honour it, respond to it. I can push it if I want but if I’m not careful it may push back. I learned that my body is loyal to me. My heart beats, my lungs breath, my voice talks, and even when things don’t work as they should and that’s hard for me, it’s hard for my body too.

An example of this was when I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my left Fallopian tube. As I grieved my baby and my tube I grew to learn and believe that my body was grieving with me, it ached for me and with me. We are a team, it is not against me.

It is this truth and the continued work of embodiment and befriending my body that has led me here. To the place where I want to embrace my largeness inside and out.

This photo was taken while doing DEEP full embodiment work surrounded by my sacred sisters. We need each other for this work. I’m so so grateful to have my sisters to lift me up in this work.

I wonder if we can start a bit of a movement here ladies. Can you post a picture of you and all your largeness with the hashtag #embraceyourlargeness.
Let’s celebrate each other in all the space we take up in the world!

Maybe we can tag our sisters that have supported us in our growth!