Letter from the Owners (sept 2020)

There is a reason we’re driven to “get better at being who we already are” (which is our mission statement). We think that ambition coupled with vulnerability is what has given us the tools to build our business into what it is today. It has meant listening; listening to each other, to our employees and leadership, to our clients, and to the nudges and pushes inside our own spirits. A dear friend of mine has a small tattoo of an ear near her wrist. It’s based on a piece of art I gave her that’s meaningful to me & was originally given out of a wish for her to BE HEARD. That artwork aligns with our goal for this next season: a commitment to LISTENING. I’m going to need to find that piece of art again and find a place for it to be a reminder me to do the hard work of being heard and listening.

When we started this business, we knew the odds were stacked against us. Depending on the study you read or the statistics you search, we had a 30-50% chance of surviving the first 5yrs of business. We’ve entered year four, and Aly and I feel like we’re running through a finish line and onto another starting line. We’re already lining up for year 5-10. The statistics aren’t more encouraging AND we think the same strategies that got us this far, including the willingness to listen, will take us through the next stage.   

I have so much more to say. I always do. But let me end with this: the last time we sent out a customer satisfaction survey we heard hard and important things. And so, we vulnerably ask if you’d help us “get better at being who we already are” by filling out the below survey. There’s a discount treat at the end to say THANK YOU for continuing to walk alongside us, helping us to be better and to serve you well.

xo Heidi & Aly