Protect This Gift

We set out nearly 6 years ago asking the question: what happens if we operate Refinery House with the intent that sustainability guides all of our decisions? We’re proud to release our first ever sustainability report and we really want to share it with you (check it out below)! 

We keep putting one foot in front of the other in our quest to infuse living wages, ongoing education, eco-friendly practices and giving back to our communities into tangible ways that keep moving us toward becoming better. 

We recently met with delegates from Tourism Chilliwack where we discussed their “Protect This Gift” initiative. We’re proud to support this program, believing that offering intentionally sustainable business practices within our community and encouraging our staff and visitors to be mindful of their shopping choices are ways to protect our shared resources.

We’ll never stop believing we can make a difference.

Proudly B Corp,

The Refinery House Team