What’s up with the Levels?

Can the days of being exclusively dependent on one stylist be done? Is there anything worse than wanting to book with your hair stylist and finding them gone or too full?

Schedule conflicts, vacations, moved away, retired, or got another job…? You get the idea: it’s the worst.

Believe it or not, stylists feel that pressure too. It’s one of the reasons we’re committed to sharing our skills…and our clients. We trust that when one of us can’t provide a service, another one is available to help. When we work (and train) together, we not only all get better – but we’re able to support a growing client base where there is room for you to visit. Interdependence is a concept we love around here.

Truthfully, we do a lot to improve stylists’ skills continually – but each one still has their own unique style. While we can’t replicate each other even if we want to, what we can do is standardize skill so that you know exactly what sort of training (pricing and timing) you’re getting when you visit us. 

Our education programs are designed by Creative Director, Aly Joyce, and run underneath each of the levels outlined below:
Apprentice: Just graduated from an approved hair school (usually ours). Aly Joyce (our original favorite hairstylist) has designed the curriculum so that from the outset, stylists recieve the detailed foundations that really incredible hair design are built on. This training lasts between 3-6 months post-graduation. Like new drivers, they have the fundamentals knowledge and putting their skills into practice. They take a little extra time, but they’re the best deal in the houseExample of pricing: Partial Foil and long haircut: $177.65  Timing: 4hrs 15min

Level 1: Their basic skills have gotten traction and they’re starting to get creative with their own personal styles. Timing is more consistent and they’re more accurate and confident. Because we designed their training program, we know before they do that they’re going to be gooood. And in fact, they already are!They’ve nearly stopped sweating on the way to work, and while they’re still looking up to (and asking questions of) the more experienced stylists around them, they’ve got their legs under them. They’ve been working behind the chair for up to 1.5yrs Example of pricing: Partial Foil and long haircut: $200.15  Timing: 3hrs 30min

Level 2: These humans are able to confidently execute the fundamentals reliably and in a predictable allotted time, over and over again. They’re confident in allllllll the tones and shapes. Blond, brown, long, short, lowlights and highlights …if it’s a fundamental thing that’s happening in the hair world, these ones have got it down. They’ve been practicing their skills full time for around 2.5yrsExample of pricing: Partial Foil and long haircut: $232.10Timing: 3hrs 

Level 2.5: You are now sitting with a stylist who has hit a point where they’ve relaxed into the stability of a sustainable career. They’re starting to feel confident in assessing colour corrections, and are setting their sights on creative colour courses and our advanced cutting classes. This group of stylists has already checked off at least 9 training sessions through our Refinery House Academy or Tutorials and will be asked to sign up for 9 more courses over the next 2 levels. Stylists at this level are also scheduled for a one-on-one day with creative director Aly Joyce to design an individualized learning plan to get them sailing into the next levels Example of pricing: Partial Foil and long haircut: $244.20Timing: 3hrs 

Level 3: Approximately 3.5yrs into their career, they’re good. Like, really good. At this point, they’re excited to come to work to creatively make your hair goals a reality. There is a good chance you met them as they were coming up the ranks of the level system. Stylists start to get harder to book with at about this point because even though all the stylists in the house are reliable, we’re creatures of habit, and so by the time a level 3 stylist is a level 3 – they likely have a set of clients that come back to them again and again (and we love you for it!) Example of pricing: Partial Foil and long haircut: $261.80Timing: 3hrs 

Level 3.5: Now we’re getting to our high level stylists. Our advanced education helps put them on a track where they get to expand their skills in ways like leadership and management training, specialized hair courses, or they keep getting better by jumping into our own education system to mentor the ones coming up behind them. They tend to book weeks (actually months) out, so you’ll want to schedule your appointments in advance with them. Example of pricing: Partial Foil and long haircut: $276.10Timing: 2hrs and 45min

Level 4: You are sitting in the chair of an artist. Someone who can cut hair with their eyes closed, has had more hair slivers in their hands than they could count, one who has seen clients come and go and has watched trends change more than once. They move with the art, expanding on your ideas while continuing to be committed to what can get done today. They whip colour formulations out of their heads and can be heard calling out chemical formula advice (it sounds like a string of numbers to those of us “not” in the know) to lower-level stylists around them. Example of pricing: Partial Foil and long haircut: $287.10Timing: 2hrs 45min 

Level 4.5: 15+ years of experience, you’re sitting with the best of the best, the real deal, a true career hair stylist. It’s very very likely that the stylist you’re with is involved in our ongoing education team. They’re really really that good.   Example of pricing: Partial Foil and long haircut: $298.10Timing: 2hrs 45min