we are BCORP

What the heck is that?

  • It’s a coalition of businesses committed to being a force for good.
  • It’s founders who ask questions about the way things have always been done in an effort towards improvement
  • It’s employees who commit to a course dedicated to a cause
  • It’s transparently and vulnerably asking for input from stakeholders (clients, community and employees)

Being B Corp certified is not something we talk about daily, it is however something we LIVE daily. We didn’t set out to become B-Corp certified, but rather pursued the B Corp certification as a verification of the way we do business! The life blood (aka revenue as our accountant likes to call it) is sustained by the hands and feet of the people who work in our shops, and offered generously to us by the customers who visit.

We don’t exist without either of them.

Our commitment to being B Corp is a way to say “we see you, the work your doing and the way you generously visit us, and we’re committed to generously investing back into our team, communities and planet.”

We spend the vast majority of our time behind the scenes asking one question: what can we do to make this a better place to be? Does that sometimes cost us a little bit more as we develop long term sustainable systems and relationships? Yes. It’s an investment we believe in. After EIGHT years in business we don’t just believe the model works – but that it has been imperative in creating a stable and sustainable place of business that’s set up for years and years to come.

  • We have committed 1% of our revenue in GIVE BACK initiatives that directly impact our employees, customers, community and world
  • In 2023 we diverted more than 1,263 lbs of salon waste
  • We committed countless hours and serious dollars to developing opportunities & skills that benefit our for our teams work, life and futures
  • We invested in knowing our teams and ensuring that lines of communication are clear and policies are fair and keep our place of work predictable and safe.
  • Check out more about our impact on our 2023 sustainability report

We slid across the b-corp finish line in 2020 with 80.5 points (80 is a pass) and in 2023 we improved our score to a whopping 90.1.  Someone familiar with how hard it is to get certified likened this to taking 10 minutes off a 10km run. In other words, some serious training was taking place between 2020 and 2023. Our core value is: getting better at being who we already are, and a score of 90.1 helps us see – we certainly are doing just that. And we don’t plan on ever stopping.